Horse news:

The latest articles on animal welfare with Schauer stable technology

Active Horse Stable Lukasenhof

The active stable of the Becherer family is opened at full capacity. Photos were taken immediately before the horses moved into the Lukasenhof.

Active Horse Stable Bernhardt

Active horse barn in the North Hessian low mountain range. Species-appropriate husbandry that ensures the well-being of your horse 24 hours a day,…

Box feeding in active stable Knauer

More animal welfare and highly profitable.

Mr Timo Knauer operates an active stable with boxes in which the new CombiFeed box feeding systems have…

Winter horse farm

Company report in French

Webinar Ruck

Webinar recording of the active and dressage stable "Ruck"!

Horse Farm Brandt

Carola Brandt's horse stable, which has been awarded 5 LAG stable stars, is located in Erding, Bavaria


Horse Farm Martinshof

Enjoy a walk-around with the horses living in the Martinshof.

Active Horse Systems in Czech Republic

The interview about the great Horse Farm Frantisek Coudek