Manure removal

Lets clean your barn: A modern horse stable at its best includes a number of technical features such as an automatic feeding system, air conditioning and manure removal.

Efficient manure removal

There are several variations possible:

  • Overhead manure
  • Pendulum slider
  • Folding slides


Which system you choose strongly depends

on the style of the building, the kind of stable you prefer

and on the way how you work with your horses.

We are happy to advise you on all systems for stable cleaning!

mucking out - automatically : for professional stables !



Details about the overhead push rod

The push rod removal system installed in a floor channel has been proven for decades. It works reliably and saves considerable working time. The prerequisite for installing an overhead horse manure system is the consideration of a roughly 60 cm deep and wide manure channel below the horse boxes.

The horse manure with dirty litter as well as other residues of the stable floor can be simply and conveniently swept into the dung manure shaft. When Paddocking it is recommended to route manure removal on the outside wall. Another possibility is the pendulum pusher.

After manure removal the discharge lids are closed again and the overhead push rod removal is put into operation. Through a system of longitudinal and transverse tracks, the manure can be transported outside the stable and optionally stored on a dung heap with a high-lift conveyor. Depending on the size of the stable, it is possible to obtain a daily labour saving of up to 2 hours.


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