Demand feeding

The Compident Horse on demand feeding supplies all horses individually. This increases the health and well-being of the horses. Since the feed times are spread over the day, the horses are also kept moving.

Your advantages with Compident Horse

  • Provision of horses with different feed requirements

        Individually by age, race, performance, health

  • All parameters are set individually for each horse

       Residence time, dosing speed, ..

  • Issue small quantities several times a day

        High digestibility, no colic, no stress on feed

Our call stations:

  • Compident Horse concentrated feed station (if possible, the picture horse leaflet underneath)
  • Compident Horse roughage station
  • Compident Horse Duo Station


As accessories suitable:

  • Compident Horse Select
  • Compident Horse Select plus



      This is how Compident Horse works

      • Horse enters the station and is detected by transponder or transmitter
      • Entrance doors are closed
      • When the feed is required, the rotary trough is swivelled out and feed is dosed
      • After the feeding has finished, the feed trough turns away
      • The horse leaves the station satisfied and full

      TOPO Management software

      • All components developed and produced in-house
      • Horse and feeding management capability
      • Recording of all data
      • Configure and manage feeding parameters
      • Management of all selection options
      • Interfaces allow remote control and maintenance over the Internet

      Recognition variants:

      1. Ground antenna: Foot band with transponder - allows fas and reliable detection and thus facilitates training
      2. Trogantenne: collar or chip in the mane