CombiFeed box feeding:

More animal welfare and highly profitable.

Mr Timo Knauer operates an active stable with boxes in which the new CombiFeed box feeding systems have been installed. Animal welfare has thus been significantly increased, because the horses are fed several small portions daily, both roughage and concentrated feed. The concentrated feed can easily be given after the roughage. CombiFeed ensures flexibility in daily planning, as the horses are provided with food at regular intervals - the time windows can be freely set for each horse - as needed. The CombiFeed improves profitability and pays for itself after around three years, thanks to the savings in working hours. The horse owners have more time for other tasks since the stockpiling means that feed does not have to be brought in and distributed by hand several times a day. The usual constant work, such as sweeping and cleaning the stable lane, is significantly reduced. This also means less dust! The installation, retrofitting, and operation are very user-friendly.