„ The nature of the horse remains unchanged - whether it carries a prince's saddle, or pulls a wagon cart “
( from: Kingdom of the horse, H.-H. Isenbart, C.J. Bucher Verlag, 1973)


Anyone who decides today to build a horse stable or an equestrian facility faces a multitude of requirements: First, the needs of our four-legged friends need to be considered, be they for sport or recreational horses, cosy gypsy or high blooded Arabs; all have common requirements for social contact, exercise, fresh air, permanent feed, to name only the most important elements. It is also necessary to be fair to the riders; Costs and benefits must be considered and weighed. Riding hall yes or no? Which buildings are important? A therapeutic riding facility will look very different to a breeding or training facility. Logistics must also be right for the stable operator - how do you set up working routines and processes, how do you obtain feed and litter and where are these valuable raw materials stored? 

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High demands are made on the stable operator anyway; Without proof of expertise new outdoor construction is very difficult. Experts from the Department of Agriculture, experienced planners and concept developers need to be included in the planning process Many years of experience show that the time and the costs involved in a mature planning and cost estimate process, is money and time well spent.  During this time, the possibilities of public funding should be clarified in order to reduce delay at the start of purchasing and construction. Now the financing package can be tied up with the granting of the building permit, and the first major hurdle has been overcome. When the excavator comes in, the practical part of the implementation begins. If you take over the construction management yourself, it is advisable to be present at the beginning of each task and also to discuss the details and plans with each of companies involved. It is certainly better to transfer the site management to a professional construction manager.
With the erection of buildings and outdoor facilities, the anticipation of the arrival of the "inhabitants” grows. The final touch is given to a stable or equestrian facility by installing the horse stalls; be these boxes with paddocks or an active / moving stable. Here it has been proven to assist the stable manager by including the company Schauer in the planning phase as the company has the necessary know-how - not only for the technology, but also for the conceptual design and also has experienced stable planners available when required.

A steadily growing number of satisfied stable operators and riders agree with the idea to combine good concepts for the movement / active stable with sophisticated technology..

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