Feed racks

Our modern feeders for ad libitum feeding reduce feed losses. They only allow a slow feed intake. Our new time-controlled haystack limits the feeding time even more gently. Your horses stay healthy. You save a lot of working time!


Modern and innovative

Timed Hay Rack

  • For roughage supply in groups
  • Quiet and durable
  • Protects digestion and strengthens the body's defences
  • Spacious feeding places for resting while eating


Modular feeding racks

  • Flexibly combinable elements
  • Can be used as hay and straw hooves
  • Size varies, depending on the number of horses
  • Complete with net and matching frame

Safety feed fence

  • For individual and group housing
  • Ideal for roughage areas in the movement stable
  • Eating together
  • Communal feeding
  • Ground-level feeding
  • Feed hygiene





Manure removal

Manure removal

Manure removal

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