Active horse barn in the North Hessian low mountain range

Species-appropriate husbandry that ensures the well-being of your horse 24 hours a day, regardless of the owner, is the top priority of the Bernhardt family.
Even if horse owners are very busy at work, if health problems stand in the way, or they go on vacation, they no longer need to have a bad conscience that their horse is missing something.
The Bernhardt family checks the horses several times a day. 

There are features in place for exercise/rest periods for horses: 

  • Summer/winter paddocks (pasture access can be set individually, for example, grazing access can be blocked in the system for certain horses).
  • Regardless of the season, it is possible to stay in a large lounger hall (approx. 200m2) 
  • The paths and large exercise areas (approx. 3000 m) are designed with non-slip paddock slabs for year-round use. 

For absolute well-being, the active horse stable has also integrated: 

  • a sand rolling field, 
  • climbing hill, 
  • shady trees, 


  • Hay allocation via the Heutimer time-controlled hay rack, the size and design of which ensures that all horses, including low-ranking horses, find their place there and can take in enough roughage. 
  • The feeding station regulates adherence to an individual feeding plan for each horse. 
  • Of course, there is also a large, free-standing watering device that is easily accessible for all horses and is temperature-independent. 

Taking care of the horse: 

  • Sufficiently large washing and cleaning areas both outside and inside, 
  • a horse solarium