Strohmatic Litter System

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The Strohmatic litter system was awarded the Equitana Innovation Prize in 2009,  has been further developed and enables the fully automatic and almost dust-free provision of bedding material in the horse box.


• Straw bale shredder 

• Straw mill with different sieve sizes

• Nearly free from dust   - aútomatic dedusting

• Highly absorbent straw

• Low manure volume

• Accelerated rotting


With Strohmatic, straw costs can be reduced by more than 50%. The litter work works fully automatically and thus significantly relieves the work in the stable. We are happy to help!

More about Strohmatic

The Strohmatic bedding system Equitana Innovation Award 2009

A novel system for shredding and decentralized distribution of litter brings a further enormous saving in labour, especially for larger stables. A hopper with a bale disintegration and crushing mechanism allows pressed bales to be lightened with sawdust or straw. The bedding material is automatically de-dusted after crushing by a suction cyclone. Using a large-scale pulley conveyor system, the sawdust or straw is conveyed up to 200 m in the circuit to discharge shafts, which are located in the corner between 2 horse boxes. The process is fully automatic and almost dust-free. The daily litter work consists only in distributing the litter material with a shovel from the bottom opening discharge chute.