Horse stable systems

Your horses want exercise, healthy food and contact with friends. You need a reduced workload and safety, especially for livery horses. These are achieved with Active Horse - healthy stable, optimal feeding and time-friendly manure removal!

Feel-good room for horses

The stable concept must correspond to your way of working. Your sensitive horses need to feel comfortable in their surroundings.

The right horse feeding system takes a lot of work off you - day after day


Cleanliness in the blink of an eye - with our clever ideas for manure removal


More about our Active Horse System

Schauer "Active Horse Systems" pave the way for modern and healthy horse keeping. Schauer offers individual horse boxes of different styles: "Hellbrunn", "Schönbrunn" and "Belvedere" all provide practical finesse of the highest quality. Extensive accessories and equipment for automatic manure removal and spreading facilitate the work in the horse box stall.

Schauer is a pioneer in the field of active movement stables. Our competence in the development and installation of automatic feeding systems gives you the advantage of a well-proven concept. The expertise of our consultants create perfect conditions for the optimal planning of your movement stable. For the individual care of your horses with concentrated feed and roughage we recommend Compident Horse feeding stations. Schauer offers a timed roughage dosing system and ad-libitum feeders in a modular design for every need.