Rappenhof stables

The Rappenhof is located on a hill near Leonberg. Horses and riders are offered a lot at the Rappenhof exercise stable.

Active Horse stall feeding at our customer, the Knauer family in Stuttgart:

Our Active Horse stall feeding system makes feeding horses easier and saves a lot of time!

Active Horse stall feeding:

  • Fully automated feeding for your horse stable
  • Easy to feed concentrate and roughage at the same time
  • Save time and energy with flexible filling times and convenient handling
  • Simply feed your horses evenly over 24 hours with little effort
  • For happier, healthier and more productive horses


If you have any questions or are interested in our Active Horse box feeding system, simply contact us.

Active Stable Rappenhof

The equipment of the exercise stable

  • 2 cubicles with low-dust forest floor bedding
  • Over 5000 square meters of exercise area with 3 different surfaces
  • 3 selectable roughage areas
  • 2 roughage feeders with selection into the different roughage areas
  • communal feeding in small groups in the roughage areas with roughage troughs
  • 1 automatic concentrate feeder (individual quantities of concentrate and mineral feed)
  • 1 straw rack in the run
  • 2 frost-proof drinking troughs
  • Rolling area
  • Paddock trail around the pastures (approx. 400m)
  • Access to pasture in summer
  • Integration boxes with paddock
  • Sick box
  • Service and care


The equipment of the riding facility

  • Riding hall (20mx40m)
  • Indoor riding arena (15mx30m) (new surface 2017)
  • Outdoor riding arena (20mx40m)
  • Lunging circle / round pen (18m, new 2017)
  • Horse walker (fully automatic with lighting)
  • Lake with access for the horses
  • Rider's lounge (catered)
  • Hot and cold drinks machine ◊ Changing rooms with shower and WC
  • Tennis courts for riders and non-riders (for a fee)