Active Horse Systems

Keeping horses in an humane manner is good for horses, horse owners and riders. Our Active Horse concept takes into account the well-being of both animals and humas. With our ingenious feeding and stable technology, your horse stays fit and healthy!

Automatic box feeding in the horse box stable!

Interesting product video of our Active Horse box stable feeding system at our customer, the Knauer family in Stuttgart:

Our Active Horse box stable feeding system makes feeding horses easier and saves a lot of time!

Active Horse box feeding systems:

Watch the video 

  • Fully automated feeding for your horse box stable
  • Easy to feed concentrate and roughage at the same time
  • Save time and energy with flexible filling times and convenient handling
  • Easily feed your horses evenly over 24 hours with little effort
  • For happier, healthier and more productive horses

If you have any questions or are interested in our Active Horse Strohmatic littering system for your box stable, simply contact us.

We design your stable! Your horses want exercise, healthy food and contact with friends. You need a reduced workload and safety, especially for livery horses. These are achieved with "Active Horse" - a healthy stable system with optimal feeding and time-friendly manure removal!  

Here we provide interesting information on how a succesfull horse stable can be planned and built:


To receive an impression on how our stables are designed and how the owners arrange their daily processes you could join our European guided tour:

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We enjoy helping you and if you need further information or questions arise then please contact us to any topic.